digital compass


Citation Infestation

With competing demands of an overpacked schedule, Jay debates taking some shortcuts to spin his science project into solid gold. If only he could fine-tune his own critical eye when it comes to researching online. How will you help him get through the next 48 hours?


Sticky Situation

Miko finds herself in a sticky situation after signing up for the newest app that everyone is ovsessing over. Out of the skate park, she experiences twists and turns as she stumbles over how to protect her privacy. How can you help her protect her online identity?



Kung Fu Fibber

Hutch is determined to master all things sports related, but he has yet to learn how to master his own self-image online. Caught up in the glory of it all, Hutch comes face-to-face with his toughest competitor - the truth - both online and offline. How can you encourage Hutch to give 110% on and off the field?



For this year’s hack-a-thon, Seven is determined to make his mark with a winning invention. But how can he truly own his creative process when he fins “inspiration,” as well as distractions, at every turn? Can you help him keep his eye on the prize?


Digital Heartbreak

Known for keeping alow profile, Rhoda is thrown onto a rollercoaster of digital drama when her friend gets swept up into a new romance. Some say, “All is fair in love and war,” but what should she do when the two collide and drama blooms? How can you help Rhoda deal with the ups and downs of digital life?


Break it Down

Tempted by the glitz and glam of those Hollywood lights, Breaker gets caught up in promoting his popular dance moves. Yet his digital footprint threatens to spin out of control as he searches for the public spotlight. Can you help Breaker manage his journey to insta-fame?



Even through she’s one of the most popular girls at school, Pepper still has a lot to learn when it comes to being a good friend. Caught up in the newest app craze of Cute or Brute, Pepper is forced to take a hard look at her own not-so-cute behavior. How can you help Pepper take a hard look in the mirror at her own behavior?


Me, Me, Meme

Determined to land the internship of her dreams, Wink goes head to head with her best friend in order to win the attention of her dream employer, but at what cost? She soon finds that fighting for the spotlight may tarnish her digital footprint. How can you convince Wink to shine without crossing the line?

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