Munsell Color Test:

More Games:
the ruler game:
kerning game:
shape tool:
color theory:
lettering guts:
shoot the serif fonts:
guess the color:
blendoku color game:
color practice:

Global Information - interesting to look at:
See air quality index for anywhere in the world in REAL TIME. fascinating.
See a REAL-TIME map of flights all over the world. Click on a little plane and you can see: departure, arrival times, flight number.
Another REAL-TIME, but this is a running counter with map simulation - really well-done.

It’s not about perfection. It’s about Effort.

A4 JUDY printouts-8

Most Common Mistakes Made by Non-Designers: VIDEO:

6 rules to never break when shooting video

Shot Composition tutorial:


Illustrator Links:

The Ten Commandments of Visual Communication - excellent

Video Creation Links:

Free Copyright-free photos:  vintage photos is a great resource/platform for uploading your designs to have them printed on various apparel and products that you can sell. Redbubble does everything from printing to fullfillment. Nice product quality also.


Video on Creative Commons Licenses:
Fantastic one-minute videos on how to do things in Illustrator  - Terrific videos on Character Animator CC

Three things a designer must never do:

Fantastic Illustrator Tutorials from Brain Buffet

Videos from Design Dojo:
Elements of Art
Principles of Design
3 Things a Designer Must not do
The Element of Color
The Element of Line
The Element of Shape
The Element of Form

12 Principles olf Animation


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